1701:57.0 PanAm Radio(c/p) Tenerife the Clipper one seven three six. (1702:00.2)
1702:01.8 TENERIFE TOWER Clipper one seven three six Tenerife.
1702:03.6 PanAm Radio(c/p) Ah- We were instructed to contact you and also to taxi down the runway, is that correct? (1702:07.4)
1702:08.4 TENERIFE TOWER Affirmative, taxi into the runway and -ah leave the runway third, third to your left, (background conversation in the tower).
1702:16.4 PanAm Radio(c/p) Third to the left, O.K. (17:02.18.3)
1702:18.4 PanAm FLT ENGR Third he said.
  CAM-? Three.
1702:20.6 TENERIFE TOWER -ird one to your left.
1702:21.9 PanAm CAPTAIN I think he said first.
1702:26.4 PanAm CO-PILOT I'll ask him again.
  CAM-? * * *
1702:32.2 PanAm CO-PILOT Left turn.
1702:33.1 PanAm CAPTAIN I don't think they have take-off minimums anywhere right now.
1702:39.2 PanAm CAPTAIN What really happened over there today?
1702:41.6 CAM-4 They put a bomb (in) the terminal, Sir, right where the check-in counters are.
1702:46.6 PanAm CAPTAIN Well we asked them if we could hold and -uh- I guess you got the word, we landed here **
  CAM-? * * *
1702:49.8 TENERIFE TOWER KLM four eight zero five how many taxiway -ah- did you pass?
1702:55.6 KLM (Radio) I think we just passed charlie four now.
1702:59.9 TENERIFE TOWER O.K. ... at the end of the runway make one eighty and report -ah- ready -ah- for ATC clearance (background conversation in the tower).
1703:09.3 PanAm CO-PILOT The first one is a ninety degree turn.
1703:11.0 PanAm CAPTAIN Yeah, O.K.
1703:12.1 PanAm CO-PILOT Must be the third ... I'll ask him again.
1703:14.2 PanAm CAPTAIN O.K.
1703:16.6 PanAm CAPTAIN We could probably go in it's ah ...
1703:19.1 PanAm CAPTAIN You gotta make a ninety degree turn.
1703:21.6 PanAm CAPTAIN Yeah, uh.
1703:21.6 PanAm CO-PILOT Ninety degree turn to get around this ... this one down here it's a forty five. 
1703:29.3 PanAm Radio(c/p) Would you confirm that you want the clipper one seven three six to turn left at the third intersection? (1703:35.4).
1703:35.1 PanAm CAPTAIN One, two.
1703:36.4 TENERIFE TOWER The third one, sir, one; two, three, third, third one (1703:38.3)..
1703:38.3 CAM-? One two (four).
1703:39.0 PanAm CAPTAIN Good.
1703:40.1 PanAm CAPTAIN That's what we need right, the third one.
1703:42.9 PanAm FLT ENGR Uno, dos, tres.
1703:44.0 PanAm CAPTAIN Uno, dos, tres.
1703:44.9 PanAm FLT ENGR Tres - uh - si.
1703:46.5 PanAm CAPTAIN Right.
1703:47.6 PanAm FLT ENGR We'll make it yet.
1703:47.6 TENERIFE TOWER seven one three six report leaving the runway.
1703:49.1 PanAm CO-PILOT Wing flaps?
1703:50.2 PanAm CAPTAIN Ten, indicate ten, leading edge lights are green.
1703:54.1 CAM-? Get that.
1703:55.0 PanAm Radio(c/p) Clipper one seven three six (1703:56.4)
1703:56.5 PanAm CO-PILOT Yaw damp and instrument?
1703:58.6 PanAm CAPTAIN Ah- Bob we'll get a left one *
1703:59.3 PanAm CO-PILOT I got a left.
1704:00.6 PanAm CAPTAIN Did you?
1704.00.9 PanAm CO-PILOT And -ah- need a right.
1704:02.6 PanAm CAPTAIN I'll give you a little *
1704:03.8 PanAm CO-PILOT Put a little aileron in this thing.
1704:05.0 PanAm CAPTAIN O.K., here's a left and I'll give you a right one right here.
1704:09.7 PanAm CAPTAIN O.K. right turn right and left yaw.
1704:11.4 PanAm CO-PILOT Left yaw checks.
1704:12.4 PanAm CAPTAIN O.K., here's the rudders.
1704:13.6 PanAm CAPTAIN Here's two left, centre, two right centre.
1704:17.8 PanAm CO-PILOT Checks.
1704:19.2 PanAm CO-PILOT Controls.
1704:19.6 PanAm CAPTAIN Haven't seen any yet!
1704:20.3 PanAm CO-PILOT I haven't either.
1704:21.7 PanAm CAPTAIN They're free, the indicators are checked.
1704:24.6 PanAm CO-PILOT There's one.
1704:25.8 PanAm CAPTAIN There's one.
1704:26.4 PanAm CAPTAIN That's the ninety degree. 
1704:28.5 CAM-? O.K.
1704:34.5 CAM-? ***
  PanAm CO-PILOT Weight and balance finals?
1704:37.7 CAM (Sounds similar to stabilizer trim).(1704:44.8)
1704:37.2 PanAm CAPTAIN We were gonna put that on four and a half
1704:39.8 PanAm FLT ENGR We got four and a half and we weigh five thirty four (sound of stabilizer trim).
1704:44.6 PanAm CO-PILOT Four and a half on the right.
1704:46.8 PanAm CO-PILOT Engineer's taxi check.
1704:48.4 PanAm FLT ENGR Taxi check is complete.
1704:50.5 PanAm CO-PILOT Take-off and departure briefing?
1704:52.1 PanAm CAPTAIN O.K., it'll be standard, we gonna go straight out there till we get thirty five hundred feet then we're gonna make that reversal and go back' out to * fourteen.
1704:58.2 TENERIFE TOWER -m eight seven zero five and clipper one seven ... three six, for your information, the centre line lighting is out of service. (TENERIFE TOWER transmission is readable but slightly broken.)
1705:05.8 KLM (Radio) I copied that.
1705:07.7 PanAm Radio(c/p) Clipper one seven three six.
1705:09.6 PanAm CAPTAIN We got centre line markings (* only) (could be "don't we) they count the same thing as ... we need eight hundred metres if you don't have that centre line... I read that on the back (of this) just a while ago.
1705:22.0 PanAm CAPTAIN That's two.
1705:23.5 PanAm FLT ENGR Yeh, that's forty-five there.
1705:25.7 PanAm CAPTAIN Yeh.
1705:26.5 PanAm CO-PILOT That's this one right here.
1705:27.2 PanAm CAPTAIN (Yeh) I know.
1705:28.1 PanAm FLT ENGR O.K.
1705:28.5 PanAm FLT ENGR Next one is almost a forty-five, huh yeh.
1705:30.6 PanAm CAPTAIN But it goes...
1705:32.4 PanAm CAPTAIN Yeh, but it goes ... ahead, I think (it's) gonna put us on (the) taxiway.
1705:35.9 PanAm FLT ENGR Yeah, just a little bit yeh.
1705:39.8 CAM-? O.K., for sure.
1705:40.0 PanAm CO-PILOT Maybe he, maybe he counts these (are) three.
  CAM-? Huh.
1705:44.8 CAM-? I like this.
1705:44.8 KLM (Radio) Uh, the KLM ... four eight zero five is now ready for take-off ... uh and we're waiting for our ATC clearance.
1705:53.4 TENERIFE TOWER KLM eight seven * zero five uh you are cleared to the Papa Beacon climb to and maintain flight level nine zero right turn after take-off proceed with heading zero four zero until intercepting the three two five radial from Las Palmas VOR. (1706:08.2)
1706:09.6 KLM (Radio) Ah roger, sir, we're cleared to the Papa Beacon flight level nine zero, right turn out zero four zero until intercepting the three two five and we're now (at take-off). (1706:17.9)
1706:13.0 KLM CAPTAIN We gaan. (We're going)
1706:19.3 PanAm Radio(c/p) No .. eh.
1706:20.08 TENERIFE TOWER Stand by for take-off, I will call you.
1706:20.3 PanAm Radio(c/p) And we're still taxiing down the runway, the clipper one seven three six.
  RDO and TENERIFE TOWER communications caused a shrill noise in KLM cockpit - messages not heard by KLM crew.
1706:25.6 TENERIFE TOWER Roger alpha one seven three six report when runway clear
1706:29.6 PanAm Radio(c/p) OK, we'll report when we're clear.
1706:32.43 KLM FLT ENGR Is hij er niet af dan? {Is he not clear then?}
1706:34.1 KLM CAPTAIN Wat zeg je? {What do you say?}
1706:34.15 KLM-? Yup.
1706:34.7 KLM FLT ENGR Is hij er niet af, die Pan American? {Is he not clear that Pan American?}
1706:35.7 KLM CAPTAIN Jawel. {Oh yes. - emphatic}
1706:40.0   PanAm captain sees landing lights of KLM Boeing at approx. 700m
1706:44.0   PH-BUF started rotation
1706:47.44 KLM CAPTAIN [Scream]
1706:50.0   collision

Source: ICAO Circular 153-AN/56 (p.22-68)

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